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Learning Strategies 9

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Course: Learning Strategies 9

Code: GLS10

Course Outline

Instructor: Mr. J. Robinson

Email: jrobinson@Torontoprepschool.com

Office Hours: 8:30 - 9:30 or by appointment

Course Culminating Task (CCT)


Assignment 1

Important Dates

In-Class Assignment Wednesday October 24, 2012


All assignments and projects will have a due date.
The due date is the beginning of the period for that given class. For example if a project is due for the period one class it must be submitted at 10:00 AM, if it is due for the period four class on a Wednesday, then it is due at 2:49 PM.
The due date represents the date in which the assignment/project is due. Students should submit the assignment/project to their subject teacher on the due date. If a student does not submit the task on the due date the subject teacher will contact the parents/guardian to notify them of the outstanding work that day. The subject teacher will not provide support after the due date has passed.
Late marks will be deducted on late assignments. This strategy is in keeping with the Ministry’s policy document “Growing Success”. Late projects/assignments will be assessed at a reduction of 5% per day for the first two days and 10% per day after that to a maximum of 50%. Each project will be assessed for the 100% of its original value, and late marks will be clearly stated on the final evaluation. After 6 school days, a student will receive a zero. Students are strongly encouraged to still hand in late projects for assessment and written feedback. A Saturday Club inclusion will be made within the 6 days.
Projects/assignments turned into the teacher after they have been marked and returned to students, will not be awarded a grade if the project/assignment is one the teacher believes can be copied from peers (at teacher’s discretion), however, written feedback on the assignment will be given. (For example: journals, reflection pieces, etc.)

Extension Request Form

There is a procedure for students to seek relief from a due date and extend a deadline without academic penalty. In extraordinary circumstances, extensions may be granted, if an Extension Request Form is filled out by the student and signed by a parent and approved by the teacher at least one day before the due date. It is up to the discretion of the teacher and the school administration whether or not to accept the Extension Request. A student may request an extension to the maximum of 2 times in each course and for no more than 3 days. After the allotted time has passed and the assignment has not been submitted then late marks will be assigned. Our policy recognizes that extenuating circumstances may legitimately prevent a student from meeting a due date. The Extension Request Form may be garnered from the principal or vice-principal.


Tuesday September 4 - Friday September 7
  • No Homework

Monday September 10
  • Complete Handout Linemaster 1-1: My Brand
  • Email journal

Tuesday September 11
  • Email Journal

Wednesday September 12
Thursday September 13
  • No Homework

Friday September 14
  • No Homework

Monday September 17

Tuesday September 18
  • No Homework

Wednesday September 19
  • No Homework

Thursday September 20
  • No Homework

Friday September 21
  • No Homework

Monday September 24

Tuesday September 25
  • No Homework

Wednesday September 26

Friday September 28
  • Work on your calendar assignment

Monday October 1

Tuesday October 2

Toronto Star-Toronto Casino
  • No Homework

Thursday October 4
  • Email Journal to me : jrobinson@torontoprepschool.com

Friday October 5
  • email reflection questions

Tuesday October 9
  • email journal

Wednesday October 10
  • no homework

Thursday October 11
  • no homework

Friday October 12
  • Reading questions
  • page 46 # 1-4 & 1-2
  • page 47# 1-3

Monday October 15
  • no homework

Tuesday October 16
  • no homework

Wednesday October 17

Friday October 19
  • Research the company Napster- What was Napster?

Monday October 22
  • In-Class Assignment moved to Wednesday
  • No Homework

Tuesday October 23
  • Complete Article Analysis 2
  • In-Class Assignment tomorrow

Wednesday October 24
  • No homework

Thursday October 25
  • Complete The Social Network Questions

Friday October 26
  • Email Journal

Monday October 29
  • No Homework

Tuesday October 30
  • No Homework

Wednesday October 31
  • No Homework

Thursday November 1
  • No Homework

Friday November 2
  • Print poster and bring in on Tuesday
  • Email Journal

Wednesday November 7
  • Email Journal
  • Email response to Film Questions

Thursday November 8
  • Email Journal

Friday November 9

Monday November 12
  • no homework

Tuesday November 13
  • no Homework

Wednesday November 14
  • Quiz tomorrow on keywords from pages 57, 62, 64, 68, 69
  • animation, wetsuits, engineers, data, accelerates, harnessing pledges, downloadable, marathon, impromptu, trend, documentaries, perspectives, veterans, exclusive
  • for each word students should be able to define in their own words and use the key word in a sentence.

Thursday November 15
  • You are to write a story using one of the two images:
  • picture-prompt-jpg.jpgWriting Prompt Picture (1).jpg
  • Your story must have the following aspects:
    • a beginning, middle and end
    • a main character
    • a villain
    • conflict

Monday November 19
  • email journal story
  • email journal

Wednesday November 21
  • No homework

Friday November 23

Monday November 26

Wednesday November 28
  • Check out CCT page
  • no Homework

Thursday November 29
  • No Homework

Friday November 30
  • No Homework

Tuesday December 4
  • No homework

Wednesday December 5
  • No Homework

Thursday December 6
  • No Homework

Friday December 7
  • no homework

Monday December 10
Tuesday December 11
  • No Homework

Wednesday December 12
  • No Homework

Thursday December 13
  • No Homework

Friday December 14
  • No Homework

Monday December 17
  • No Homework

Tuesday December 18
  • No Homework

Tuesday January 8

Wednesday January 9 - Friday January 11
  • No homework